Rushero is the Fastest On-demand Delivery Service in Phnom Penh city. Our mission is to Make Efficient & Fast Delivery Simple by technology & innovation. By booking via the website, you can send goods such as documents, parcels, and gifts to your business partners or loved ones within 60 minutes or any specific time that it has to be delivered.

Open Rushero Website and Login. Then you can tap Express icon, which Indicate the pick-up and drop-off location and tap NEXT. Key in the Recipients Name and Number and a short. Confirm your booking.

A Rushero Partner will be at your place to pickup the items. If you have any further instructions, kindly text in the Instruction for Driver.

Send the share Tracking Link to your Recipient for him/her to anticipate the driver’s arrival Ensure the Document/Package has the Recipient’s name, number, and exact address clearly indicated. It should also be well packed for safe transportation

We provide an on-demand delivery service with real-time tracking and notifications. Our system will connect you to our Professional Driving Partners who are located nearby your area to make sure picking up process can be done immediately and deliver to destination straightforward in a very short period of time. Think Red, Think Fast; Think Rushero

Yes, you can. Our Driving partners will be there are you expected. Just choose Express or Schedule the Date & Time.

We are currently operate only in Phnom Penh city and you are sent the item to neighborhood areas like Takmao, CTN, Choam Chao or Boeung Snor zones.

All our Driving Partners who have signed up to provide the delivery service for Rushero Express are qualified riders and have proper profile & criminal checked. In the unfortunate event that something happens to your parcel, rest assured that you are covered by insurance up to $35.

In any case that your Parcel got lost or damaged, our team will pay you by using the method below:

  • Delivery Fee x 7 Times and the total must be less than or equal to $35. Eg:
    • Delivery Fee is $3 x 7 = $21
    • Delivery is $6 x 7 = $42 but that is more than $35, thus we will pay only $35 maximum.
  • For Our Business Partner that signed contract with us: Delivery Fee x 9 Times and the total fee must be less than or equal to $35

Standard Fee

  • $1.50 for first 2km
  • Extra KM for $0.25/km

For Longer Distance

  • 20km to 30km: $0.50/km
  • 31km to 70km: $1/km

Return Trip

  • Base Fee + 50% of First Trip
Extra Services:
  • Cash Collection:
    • less than $100 = FREE and transfer every Saturday before 6pm.
    • More than $100: total COD x 0.5%
  • Document Processing: $1
  • Waiting Time: less than 30 minutes => FREE. Waiting more than 30minutes, we will charge 500 KHR in every extra minute.